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NAICS code: 99

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A21 is abolishing slavery everywhere, forever. Together, we are eradicating human trafficking through awareness, intervention, and aftercare. Our legacy is freedom.

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Frequent questions about A21

  1. When was A21 founded?

    Arrow right A21 was founded in 2008

  2. Where is A21 headquarters located?

    Arrow right A21's headquarters is located at Santa Ana, California, United States

  3. What is A21's zip code?

    Arrow right A21's zip code is 92704

  4. What is A21's official website?

    Arrow right A21's official website is

  5. How many employees work at A21?

    Arrow right A21 has 180 employees

  6. What is A21's Twitter?

    Arrow right A21's Twitter is @A21

  7. What is A21's Linkedin?

    Arrow right A21's Linkedin is

  8. What is A21's NAICS code?

    Arrow right A21's NAICS is: 99