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G3 Connection

NAICS code: 11

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G3 Canada Limited is establishing a highly efficient coast-to-coast Canadian grain enterprise designed to provide a unique competitive alternative to farmers, and superior service to customers and stakeholders. G3 Canada Limited's assets include primar...

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Frequent questions about G3 Connection

  1. When was G3 Connection founded?

    Arrow right G3 Connection was founded in 2015

  2. Where is G3 Connection headquarters located?

    Arrow right G3 Connection's headquarters is located at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  3. What is G3 Connection's zip code?

    Arrow right G3 Connection's zip code is R3B 1B3

  4. What is G3 Connection's official website?

    Arrow right G3 Connection's official website is

  5. How many employees work at G3 Connection?

    Arrow right G3 Connection has 570 employees

  6. What is G3 Connection's Twitter?

    Arrow right G3 Connection's Twitter is @G3_Connection

  7. What is G3 Connection's Linkedin?

    Arrow right G3 Connection's Linkedin is

  8. What is G3 Connection's industry?

    Arrow right G3 Connection's is in the industry of: Food Products, Consumer Staples, Agricultural Products

  9. What is G3 Connection's NAICS code?

    Arrow right G3 Connection's NAICS is: 11

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