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Construction & Engineering


Telephone: +1 217-728-2581

NAICS code: 33

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Yes, we make precision drive solutions, but there's more to it than that. We have a passion for innovation, a dedication to deliver results, and a strong commitment to all our customers.

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Frequent questions about Hydro-Gear

  1. When was Hydro-Gear founded?

    Arrow right Hydro-Gear was founded in 1991

  2. Where is Hydro-Gear headquarters located?

    Arrow right Hydro-Gear's headquarters is located at Sullivan, Illinois, United States

  3. What is Hydro-Gear's zip code?

    Arrow right Hydro-Gear's zip code is 61951

  4. What is Hydro-Gear's phone number?

    Arrow right Hydro-Gear's phone number is +1 217-728-2581

  5. What is Hydro-Gear's official website?

    Arrow right Hydro-Gear's official website is

  6. How many employees work at Hydro-Gear?

    Arrow right Hydro-Gear has 390 employees

  7. What is Hydro-Gear's revenue?

    Arrow right Hydro-Gear's revenue is $50M-$100M employees

  8. What is Hydro-Gear's Twitter?

    Arrow right Hydro-Gear's Twitter is @HydroGearDrives

  9. What is Hydro-Gear's Linkedin?

    Arrow right Hydro-Gear's Linkedin is

  10. What is Hydro-Gear's industry?

    Arrow right Hydro-Gear's is in the industry of: Construction & Engineering, Industrials, Mechanical Engineering

  11. What is Hydro-Gear's NAICS code?

    Arrow right Hydro-Gear's NAICS is: 33