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P1 Group,

Telephone: +1 913-529-5000

NAICS code: 54

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P1 Group provides facility maintenance and construction services such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and more for buildings around the globe.

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Frequent questions about P1 Group,

  1. When was P1 Group, founded?

    Arrow right P1 Group, was founded in 1919

  2. Where is P1 Group, headquarters located?

    Arrow right P1 Group,'s headquarters is located at Lenexa, Kansas, United States

  3. What is P1 Group,'s zip code?

    Arrow right P1 Group,'s zip code is 66215

  4. What is P1 Group,'s phone number?

    Arrow right P1 Group,'s phone number is +1 913-529-5000

  5. What is P1 Group,'s official website?

    Arrow right P1 Group,'s official website is

  6. How many employees work at P1 Group,?

    Arrow right P1 Group, has 1000 employees

  7. What is P1 Group,'s revenue?

    Arrow right P1 Group,'s revenue is $100M-$250M employees

  8. What is P1 Group,'s Twitter?

    Arrow right P1 Group,'s Twitter is @P1_Group

  9. What is P1 Group,'s Linkedin?

    Arrow right P1 Group,'s Linkedin is

  10. What is P1 Group,'s industry?

    Arrow right P1 Group,'s is in the industry of: Professional Services, Industrials, Consulting

  11. What is P1 Group,'s NAICS code?

    Arrow right P1 Group,'s NAICS is: 54