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Adjunct Faculty - Dissertation Chair, Social Work Program


Employment typePart-Time

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  • Job Description

      Req#: REF3891T
      Employer Industry: Higher Education

      Why Consider this Job Opportunity:

      - Competitive pay up to $4,080 per Quarter or Semester for Graduate Course Instruction
      - Opportunity to work part-time and maintain flexibility in schedule
      - Chance to make a positive impact on students' academic and professional development
      - Access to online technology and resources for effective teaching and communication
      - Possibility of attending Residencies to facilitate face-to-face interactions and discussions
      - Supportive and inclusive work environment

      What to Expect (Job Responsibilities):

      - Teach courses and mentor student research in the Ph.D. in Social Work and DSW programs
      - Effectively use online technology and resources to educate students and provide feedback
      - Interact with students through the Learning Management System and participate in discussion boards
      - Provide timely feedback, approval, assessment, and evaluation of students' work
      - Attend Residencies (optional) to teach face-to-face intensives and facilitate discussions

      What is Required (Qualifications):

      - Earned Ph.D. or DSW in Social Work from an accredited university
      - Earned MSW from a CSWE-accredited social work program
      - Experience sitting on/chairing dissertation committees
      - Minimum of 3 years of teaching experience at the degree level of the program
      - Minimum of 3 years of post MSW practice experience
      - Commitment to supporting student success in a diverse population of adult learners
      - Proficiency with Learning Management Systems and technology in learning
      - Knowledge of SPSS or NVivo preferred

      How to Stand Out (Preferred Qualifications):

      - Experience with online teaching
      - Previous publications, presentations, or professional contributions to the field of study

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  • About the company

      Adtalem Global Education Inc., formerly the DeVry Education Group, is an American corporation based in Chicago, Illinois, that operates several for-profit higher education institutions, including American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine,...