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Azure GenAI Data Scientist

Employment typeFull-Time

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  • Job Description

      Req#: 24-03389
      • Design, develop, deploy and improve production-grade near realtime scalable machine learning and statistical predictive models and NLP from near realtime call transcripts and utterances
      • Develop Client algorithms and models using state-of-the-art techniques in NLP model architectures and algorithms such as BERT (and derivatives like BioBERT, RoBERTa, ALBERT etc.), BiLSTM, XLNet, T5, ELECTRA, PaLM and more
      • Partner with cross-functional teams, understand problems, and identify opportunities where advanced analytics and machine learning techniques can be used to make a significant impact and then design, develop, deploy and monitor those Client solutions


      • Capture and inform your Client infrastructure decisions using your understanding of Client modeling techniques and issues, including choice of model, data, and feature selection, model training, hyperparameter tuning, dimensionality, bias/variance, and validation).
      • Design, implement, deploy, and maintain deep learning and Client models using cloud technologies (e.g., Azure Databricks, MLFlows and Azure Client)
      • Write production-ready modeling code that can be scaled out to 100 millions of calls and millions of users


      • Promote deep scientific expertise, constant learning, attention to detail, and best practices while always being friendly, humble, and open to challenging any assumptions
      • Collaborate with data engineers, machine learning engineers, product managers and capability teams to coordinate timely deployments from conception to release
      • Promotes and integrates best practices in data science and adheres to established work standards


      • Research new machine learning solutions to complex business problems
      • Communicate process, requirements, assumptions and caveats of advanced Client and NLP concepts and deliverables in laymen languages to non-technical business leaders


      • BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Data Science, Economics or related quantitative fields
      • 5+ years experience in designing, developing and deploying production-grade machine learning solutions in NLP (NLTK, Spark NLP, spaCy, HuggingFace, Flair, NLTK, etc) for real-world business problems
      • Worked in NLP model architectures and algorithms such as BERT (and derivatives like BioBERT, RoBERTa, ALBERT etc.), BiLSTM, XLNet, T5, ELECTRA, PaLM
      • Experience in LLMs/Open Source LLMs (like ChatGPT, LLama, Falcon, Vicuna, Bard, etc.) and Langchain frameworks
      • Development and Client experience in Microsoft Azure platform
      • Experience in deep learning neural networks (auto-encoders, feedforward networks, RNNs/CNNs, etc.)
      • Expertise in Python and SQL, with working experience in Apache Spark, Hadoop, Databricks, Snowflake, or other big data systems is preferred
      • Combination of deep technical skills and business sense, to interface with all levels and disciplines within an organization.
      • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to explain complex research to both technical and non-technical audiences
      Self-motivated individual that thrives in a dynamic environment

      Diverse Lynx LLC is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive due consideration for employment without any discrimination. All applicants will be evaluated solely on the basis of their ability, competence and their proven capability to perform the functions outlined in the corresponding role. We promote and support a diverse workforce across all levels in the company.

  • About the company

      We provide Consulting Services for our customer’s project and staffing needs. We also provide Data Management for Clinical Trials.