CDL Class A Transport Driver - Richmond, VA

Employment typeFull-Time

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  • Job Description

      Req#: JR16516
      Employer Industry: Logistics and Transportation

      Why Consider this Job Opportunity:
      - Opportunity for career advancement and growth within the organization
      - Hybrid work model offering flexibility and work-life balance
      - Competitive pay and benefits package
      - Chance to contribute to global sustainability efforts
      - Empowerment to bring authentic self to work
      - Surrounding by diverse and driven professionals

      What to Expect (Job Responsibilities):
      - Operate a CHEP-leased semi-truck and trailer in compliance with all DOT Regulations and CHEP Safety requirements
      - Efficiently plan and execute deliveries and collections at pre-determined locations
      - Maintain responsibility for safe and legal operation of equipment, including maintenance and repairs
      - Develop and maintain positive relationships with customers, service centers, and repair shops
      - Record all delivery and pick-up information and communicate with CHEP LVR support staff

      What is Required (Qualifications):
      - Class A DOT Driver License
      - Minimum 2 years Tractor-Trailer driving experience
      - Clean driving record
      - Ability to hook and unhook trailers from tractors
      - Ability to lift 65 lbs. on an as needed basis

      How to Stand Out (Preferred Qualifications):
      - 2 years minimum Tractor / Trailer Class A Driving Experience
      - Multi-stop driving experience
      - Route Optimization/Management skills
      - Basic Microsoft Office proficiency
      - Fluency in Spanish is desirable

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  • About the company

      Brambles Limited is an Australian company that specialises in the pooling of unit-load equipment, pallets, crates and containers.