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DBA with Azure DevOps

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  • Job Description

      Req#: 23-72808
      Industry: Technology Consulting


      Why consider this job opportunity:

      - Competitive pay and benefits package
      - Opportunities for career advancement within the company
      - Access to training and development programs
      - Positive work environment and collaborative team
      - Chance to work with cutting-edge technologies

      What to Expect (Job Responsibilities):

      - Design, implement, and maintain databases, ensuring data integrity, security, and high availability
      - Perform routine database maintenance tasks, such as backups, recovery, and optimization
      - Monitor database performance, identify bottlenecks, and recommend improvements
      - Troubleshoot and resolve database issues, working closely with development and operations teams
      - Collaborate with development and operations teams to establish and enhance DevOps processes for database management

      What is Required (Qualifications):

      - Minimum of 10+ years of professional experience in software development
      - Experience as a Database Administrator, with expertise in managing and optimizing databases
      - Strong knowledge of database management systems, such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB
      - Proficiency in scripting languages like SQL, Python, or PowerShell
      - Familiarity with DevOps principles, tools, and methodologies

      How to Stand Out (Preferred Qualifications):

      - Experience with configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef, or Puppet
      - Understanding of CI/CD pipelines and version control systems (e.g., Git)
      - Knowledge of performance monitoring and optimization techniques for databases
      - Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills
      - Strong communication and collaboration abilities to work effectively in cross-functional teams

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  • About the company

      We provide Consulting Services for our customer’s project and staffing needs. We also provide Data Management for Clinical Trials.