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      Note: While new applicants are still being accepted and reviewed, interviews are currently in process.

      About Building Movement Project

      Since its founding in 1999, the Building Movement Project (BMP) has been on the front edge of understanding and illuminating the issues, trends, and practices that enable the nonprofit sector – including the constellation of networks, organizations, and movements working for justice and equity – to be effective in a rapidly changing ecosystem. BMP provides insightful research, practical resources, and pathways for transformative relationships that support nonprofit organizations, networks, and movements in their work to create a just and equitable world. BMP imagines a world where all community members live with dignity and power, supported by diverse and resilient organizations, networks and movements that work to eradicate root causes of inequity and injustice.

      In order to achieve this bold mission, BMP sits at the unique intersection of social justice movement work and rigorous, cutting-edge research and analysis. Providing credibility on both fronts, BMP stands alone as an organization, offering unmatched insights to the field. Over the organization’s 25 years, BMP has put out over 65 reports (with more to come) and written two books, in addition to publishing toolkits and resources to support cross-movement solidarity, racial equity in nonprofit organizations, and community engagement. BMP has been well-supported by partners and funders throughout the philanthropic sector to expand their work, including a generous grant from Mackenzie Scott in 2021. Today, BMP has a roughly $3m budget with funds in reserve.

      A multi-generational, multi-racial, and geographically dispersed team of 14 committed and passionate team members enables work that pushes forward “the Three Rs” - research, resources, and relationships - for the field. BMP’s organizational culture values care and collaboration, while providing staff with the autonomy and resources to be effective in their work. Supporting BMP is an Advisory Board comprised of sector thought-leaders from around the country who offer strategic insights. As a fully remote organization, BMP is well-prepared with systems and structures to allow for flexibility across the entire staff. While all staff work remotely from different cities, the majority of staff are in Eastern Standard Time Zone.

      Building Movement Project is fiscally sponsored by TSNE.

      Learn more about Building Movement Project at: www.buildingmovement.org.


      Against the backdrop of increasingly polarized political and social divisions, BMP’s organizational health is stronger than ever. With a solid foundation of fiscal strength and a respected organizational reputation, BMP is ready to define its next chapter with new leadership. Looking forward, BMP is excited to hire either a single Executive Director, who will have the funding and support to assess organizational and leadership opportunities and then hire a Co-Executive Director or other senior leadership team member in the first year, or a pair of Co-Executive Directors through this search process.

      Currently, five roles report jointly to the sitting Co-Executive Directors: Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Senior Director of Institutional Advancement, Senior Manager of Partnership, Director of Research, and Director of Race Equity Assessment. This structure may evolve or continue under new leadership. The Executive Director or Co-Executive Directors will report directly to the Advisory Board, under the guideline and support of TSNE, as fiscal sponsor. This is a full-time, exempt position.

      BMP is seeking the next leader or co-leadership team to bring meaningful and credible experience in movement-building, research, fundraising, and management to oversee the following key responsibilities, with the aligned skills demonstrated in their backgrounds.

      Deep Understanding and Analysis of Social Justice Movement Work

      • Explore and analyze sector needs, trends, and forthcoming issues in local and national contexts, based on professional expertise and connections with leaders on the ground
      • Offer an advanced analysis and practice in the areas of race equity, leadership development, and justice and liberation as a thought-leader in the nonprofit arena
      • Oversee highest quality research and creation of tools and resources to support social justice movements and leaders, including conceptualization, hands-on writing, research design, and editing work of team members
      Aligned Requirements
      • Professional track record in nonprofit leadership, namely in movement/organizing/social justice work and with communities of color, immigrants, and with organizations that serve those communities
      • Outstanding writing abilities, preferably demonstrated through past publications, research, opinion pieces, and/or reports on issues related to BMP's work
      • A well-established national network of nonprofit and philanthropic leaders
      • Demonstration of passion, curiosity, and loving agitation for the nonprofit sector

      External Representation and Engagement

      • Ensure revenue and financial health by leading organizational fundraising and partnering closely with staff, including the Senior Director, Institutional Advancement, to ensure financial sustainability
      • Crystallize and articulate the BMP strategy, vision, and unique expertise with programmatic and philanthropic partners, press, and other constituents
      • Serve as an ambassador for BMP and its work; develop, maintain, and leverage relationships with relevant leaders and contributors throughout the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors
      Aligned Requirements
      • Comfort with fundraising and managing donor or client relationships
      • Outstanding external communication, group facilitation, and public speaking skills, including with individuals, large and small groups, and with the press
      • Familiarity with facilitation and leading conversations about complex topics, including race, class, gender, sexual identity, and abilities - and how they play out in individuals, organizations, and systems

      Vision-Setting, Execution, and Implementation

      • Weave together the current successful work of BMP and future opportunities into a cohesive vision that incorporates input from the Advisory Board, staff, and voices from the field, upholding existing commitments to partners and identifying new needs
      • Build and evolve a leadership team, organizational structure, and work approach to align with the needs of constituencies throughout the sector
      • Produce concrete contributions to social change through research, resources, and relationships
      Aligned Requirements
      • Experience identifying and seizing opportunities based on needs of a constituent base and connecting them to a broader vision/mission
      • Proven ability to lead a team to execute complex projects through production support and meeting work plans and goals
      • Ability to operate with attention to both high-level strategy and on-the-ground work, as well as national and local contexts

      Internal Management

      • Mentor, develop, and coach a dedicated staff team to ensure workflow management and fulfillment of organizational commitments
      • Manage with a deep understanding of organizational equity and a culture of care that allows staff across identities to be supported and thrive
      • Lead and partner with a Senior Leadership Team which currently includes the Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships and Senior Director of Institutional Advancement
      • Enact and continue a leadership structure that reflects lessons learned on organizational and individual sustainability
      • In the near-term, hire a Research Director who will be responsible for management of research team and work (including the Race to Lead Initiative and Building Blocks for Change Race Equity Assessment)
      Aligned Requirements
      • Senior-level experience managing a remote team or organization with an eye towards culture-building and equity
      • Comfort giving and receiving feedback and serving in an environment that values communication and collaboration
      • Enthusiasm for building team and organizational culture, staff mentorship and engagement, and performance management

      Organizational Oversight

      • In partnership with appropriate staff and TSNE, ensure that budgeting/expenditures, operational needs, contracts, and other operational needs are appropriately managed
      • Proactively guide and maintain relationship with Advisory Board, identifying areas of engagement and partnering with them for best service to BMP; recruit new Advisory Board Members as needed
      • Serve as the day-to-day lead contact point for the TSNE fiscal sponsorship relationship
      Aligned Requirements
      • Previous work overseeing and managing budgets for an organization, department, or complex project/initiative
      • Experience partnering with and engaging external stakeholders in an advisory capacity (either formally or informally)
      • Understanding of and respect for the fiscal sponsorship relationship

      Research shows that women and people of color are less likely to apply to positions if they do not have 100% of qualifications listed. Especially since there will be flexibility to hire staff to scaffold the Executive Director, please consider applying even if you do not have all of the qualifications noted above.

      Location and Compensation

      This is a remote position, to be filled from a home office or a coworking space within the U.S.

      While the needs will change each year and based on the location of the Executive Director(s), roughly 25% of time will be spent traveling within the U.S. for meetings, conferences, and other needs.

      The salary range for a single Executive Director or each individual in a pair of Co-Executive Directors is $200,000 to $225,000 with comprehensive benefits, based on experience, qualifications, and region where the work is being performed. Exact salary will also depend on the structure of the role.

      Benefits for Building Movement Project staff are provided by TSNE and supplemented by BMP. The robust benefits package includes: generous Paid-Time-Off (PTO): 12 paid holidays, 3 weeks vacation, 1 week personal holiday, and health leave time for all staff; Health insurance at 80% Employer-paid, offering some $0 deductible packages through Harvard Pilgrim/United Healthcare along with several low-deductible plans; Low-cost Guardian Dental and Vision; Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) for Health and Dependent Care; Employer-paid Life, Long- and Short-Term Disability Insurance; Employer-paid Pension through TIAA; and staff development funds up to $2,500.

      Application Process

      For the last ten years, BMP has been successfully led by a pair of Co-Executive Directors, in recognition of the volume of work required to fulfill the organization’s needs. This search welcomes interest from either:

      1. Single Executive Director applicants who will have the flexibility and funding to add to the staff in the way they see most fit or
      2. A pair of Co-Executive Director applicants who would divide the roles and work based on their expertise and interests. Co-Executive Director applicant pairs are required to have previously collaborated in a close working relationship, either in the same organization or on an initiative, for at least 18 months. (Applicant pairs should note their partner in their online application.) Additional questions about joint applications can be directed to Melissa Madzel ([email protected]).

      To apply, please submit your resume and a compelling letter of interest that specifically outlines your experience in social justice/organizing/advocacy work and that notes any research or writing work you have done. This will serve as a writing sample for your application. Candidate pairs are expected to write a joint letter of interest that outlines their ability to work and lead together.

      Applications submitted before March 4, 2024 will have preference, but applications will be accepted and considered until the role is filled. Search Committee Interviews are expected to take place in April and May, 2024, with the aim to fill the role by the end of May, 2024.

      The search process is being coordinated by Melissa Madzel, Founder and Principal of Do Good Connections, in partnership with Equitable Hiring Group. Questions may be directed to Melissa at [email protected].

      Statement of Equal Opportunity

      TSNE/Building Movement Project strives to achieve excellence through a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment that embraces all of our individual and collective differences. Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Middle Eastern and North African, Bilingual and/or Bicultural candidates, and LGBTQ2SIA+ candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. We value and honor the unique talents, learning styles, and lived experiences of each individual that enrich and strengthen our workplace culture, and we are proud to be an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.

      All employment conditions are based on an individual’s performance and job qualifications. TSNE/BMP prohibits discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, creed, color, religion, native language, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, physical or mental disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, parental status, pregnancy, race-based hairstyles, or any other protected characteristic stated by federal and state law. Regardless of any class’ protection under the law or lack thereof, TSNE/BMP celebrates diversity and values the strengths that come with having a diverse team of employees. It is represented in our workplace culture, and it is who we are.

      TSNE/BMP's EEO statement extends to volunteers, interns, contractors, vendors, and clients.

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