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Level Designer

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  • Job Description

      Req#: 4375769005

      Nimble Giant Entertainment is looking for a full-time Level Designer.

      Our Art team is on the hunt for a talented, dedicated, and passionate Level Designer to join our team, to help us bring to life rich and detailed environments for our players to explore. You will be responsible for creating game areas and implementing gameplay situations that help us deliver on our creative vision.

      At Nimble Giant, we see Level Creation as an interdisciplinary and collaborative process, and as such you will be in constant contact with Environment and Technical Artists, as well as Systems and Content Designers. If you are a resourceful and creative person who works well with others, we’d love to hear from you.

      Responsibilities :

      • Create level layouts, hot spots, and points of interest (POIs) for players to explore according to the themes and lores of the game as well as within gameplay systems constraints
      • Resolve and iterate on game environments to guarantee great play experience.
      • Prototype the environment, establish the layouts, and suggest ways of using the interactive and non-interactive elements to create the desired emotions
      • As the project progresses, integrate the elements produced on the map (new gameplay, AI, sound, etc.)
      • Develop solid design documentation for level progression (flow), layouts, and 3D block-outs for in-engine playtesting
      • Produce playtest information and requirements to aid QA in the validation and proofing of levels prior to approval.

      Requirements :

      • Possess a great understanding of game levels, level layouts, drawing maps, architecture, and other design areas related to game level design.
      • Strong ability to use puzzles and gameplay to create interesting narratives and support systems or mechanics as required by the project game design.
      • Have a good understanding of technical implementation within games, scripting languages, syntax, and other basic programming concepts.
      • Block-out first approach as well as strong prototyping skills to test ideas prior to final level building.
      • Experience with level building for multiple environment styles and game genres.
      • Ability to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing.

      Preferred Skills :

      • Knowledge of Unreal Engine. (knowledge of Blueprints is a Strong plus.)
      • Experience with 3rd Person games (3rd person FPS and/or MOBA games is a strong plus)
      • Experience working on a cross-platform game title
      • Experience shipping on multiple platforms (PC, Consoles, etc.)
      • Bachelor’s degree in Game design or other related disciplines
      • Ability to communicate effectively in Spanish, both verbally and in writing.


      Excellence is one of our core drivers. Not only in the products we deliver, but also in the way we do things.

      Continuous learning
      In order to be on top of the game, we always encourage our employees to keep updating and deepening their know how.

      We aim to always work in a fun and relaxed environment.
      Working remotely is an option.

      Inclusion and Diversity
      We want a diverse talent team and would like to encourage ethnicities, gender, age, and disabilities communities with a strong interest in developing themselves in the videogame industry to join us.

      ABOUT US

      We are Nimble Giant, a game development studio founded in 2002 in Argentina. With offices in Perú, Chile and Uruguay, Nimble Giant Entertainment (Formerly NGD Studios) is one of the leading developers of PC and console games studios in Latin America. Our first major release, Champions of Regnum, was the first commercial MMORPG made in the region. The studio's most popular titles also include Star Trek: Infinite, a grand strategy in which each player can create their own story, Master of Orion, a remake of the classic strategy game, and Quantum League, an innovative arena shooter with time-traveling mechanics.
      In 2020 we become part of Saber Interactive. We are certified as one of the best companies to work for by Great Place to Work®.
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  • About the company

      Nimble Giant Entertainment is an Argentine video game developer located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.