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Management Accountant

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  • Job Description

      Req#: R237455

      Job Title

      Management Accountant

      Job Description Summary

      As a Management Accountant, you'll oversee financial operations spanning bank transactions, invoicing for services, deposit handling, and supplier management. Your role will involve maintaining banking relationships, managing owner interactions, handling utility invoicing, and providing ad-hoc reporting on company projects.

      Job Description

      Key Roles & Responsibilities :

      • Invoicing of rents, SC, utilities, and other charges to tenants.
      • Invoicing of ad-hoc items related to short term lease, contract modifications, etc.
      • Collection of rents, SC, utilities and other charges due from tenants.
      • Constant (daily) updating of vendor and supplier payments in management software
      • Initiating action for recovery of any arrears
      • Continuous service charge budget tracking and reporting of any variations.
      • Monitoring and handling of bank guarantees and deposits.
      • Registering and continuous updating of management software based on lease agreements (new and old)
      • Tenant liaison and monitoring of tenant compliance with the lease obligations.
      • Ensuring timely indexation of rents according to lease contracts
      • Constant updating of tenancy schedule (both invoicing software and other database)
      • Monitoring the database of lease information and tracking key dates.
      • Coding /approving of supplier invoices
      • Preparing bank transfers
      • Turnover data collection, and preparing of turnover reports
      • Supplier liaison
      • Verifying of tenant/supplier agreements in preparation
      • Preparing of ad-hoc reports based on Landlord requirements
      • Participating in the the preparation of annual service charge budget.
      • Participating in year-end service charge reconciliations
      • Participating of management software development based on future needs
      • Cooperate with other team members (center manager, technical manager, etc,)
      • Cooperate with bookkeepers and auditors
      • Cooperate with Landlord

      Preferred Experience:

      • Administration of commercial property (offices, shopping centres) i.e. invoicing rent, service charges etc., repairs and maintenance/building services contracts, client reporting
      • Understanding of commercial leases and service charge structures
      • Lease administration, credit control, revenue and service charge budgeting/reconciliations
      • Understanding of institutional investors requirements
      • Relevant accounting degree – Registered accountant
      • 1-2 years of similar experience in multinational environment, knowledge of Hungarian taxation and bookkeeping requirements
      • Advanced in English and Hungarian
      • Good analytical and communication skills
      • Good organizing and time management skills
      • Excellent problem solving skills

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      Through all of the twists and turns of the last 100 years, ours has been a story of people putting ideas into action for the benefit of our clients. What began as a small family business in New York is now a commercial real estate company with a solid foothold across the globe, with approximately 400 offices in 70 countries employing 51,000 people. And from Silver Court in Shanghai to the Sears Tower in Chicago to all that comes next, our clients are at the center of all we do.