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Part-Time Counselor - (Job Number: RTP20240418-022)

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  • Job Description

      Req#: 114870

      Primary Purpose: Provide leadership and coordinate the implementation of an effective comprehensive school counseling program and support students in their psychological, academic and social development.


      Student & School-Wide Support

      • Promote District initiatives and a growth mindset when working with staff, parents, community, and students.
      • Assist with planning and implementation of transitioning plans from elementary to middle, middle to high, and high school to a post-secondary institution.
      • Serve as the communication liaison between the Counseling Services department for the campus leadership team meetings and other campus meetings
      • Serve as the designated liaison for inter-district communications
      • Facilitate School wide Counseling Initiatives and Activities
      • Review records and communicate findings for summer school policies and protocols
      • Submit reports as requested by Counseling Services throughout the year
      • Coordinate all mandated faculty and staff professional development trainings at the campus level
      • Create and facilitate campus needs assessments to assess the effectiveness of the Comprehensive School Counseling Program
      • Present and deliver pertinent information during Parent Teacher Student Association Meetings
      • Arrange Vertical team meetings with all counselors within the Feeder Pattern
      • Coordinate Guidance Advisory Committee Meetings with identified stakeholders
      • Create Counseling departmental calendar that aligns with the district counseling services departmental calendar
      • Organize and facilitate weekly campus counseling team meetings
      • Assist in the identification and implementation of interventions to enhance student success and reduce the dropout rates
      • Become primary point of contact for all stakeholders as it relates to receiving and disseminating information.
      • Assist in monitoring and review of student’s academic record to identification of course selection for correct placement in courses and programs, etc. related to grade level appropriate state accountability standards to include College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR).

      Monitor Programs

      • Assist with monitoring PEIMS data collection to ensure appropriate data submission to the Texas Education Agency.
      • Assist school counselors to develop, implement and documents classroom guidance lessons for all grade levels PK through 12th related to academic, personal and social/emotional issues, e.g. character education, and teen dating violence, etc.
      • Plan, coordinate, and document review of programs, initiatives, and goals of Counseling and Advising as requested by Director, Counseling and Advising.

      Communication and Community Relations

      • Serve as a District representative to a variety of District and community committees
      • Demonstrate professional and responsible work habits
      • Use professional written and oral communication and interpersonal skills
      • Develop, promote, and support a District-wide culture focused on District student learning goals, with an emphasis on trust, respect and responsibility for students, parents, teachers and staff.
      • Provide quality customer service and professional behavior when working with staff, parents, community, and students.
      • Maintain on-going communication with Principals and Director, Counseling and Advising.

      Selected individuals for Dallas Independent School District positions will be placed according to compensation guidelines. A campus-based employee may not assume a new position for which he/she was selected based upon the posting process until the end of the current semester, unless approved by the chief officer – Human Capital Management.

      A security check and disclosure of family relationship information is required for all positions.

      No telephone calls please.


      Special Knowledge and Skills

      • Knowledge of the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) National Model; Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs; Career and Technical Education Programs; State of Texas graduation plans; PK-12 guidance and curriculum; credit accrual in high school; community agency resources and referral process; and group and systems processing
      • Ability to organize, coordinate, present District-wide training; have strong organizational, communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills; have computer knowledge in district student management systems; interpret data; and manage budgets and district-wide projects

      • Master's degree in Guidance Counseling; valid Texas counseling certificate; valid Texas teacher certificate
      • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with diverse groups
      • Effective interpersonal skills to interact with all levels of employees, staff members, and the general public
      • Competence with the use of technology required in a professional office
      • Ability to promote a positive, caring climate
      • Process all levels of work on assignments from beginning to end
      • Effective and efficient decision-making skills
      • Ability to coordinate multiple projects and assignments; high degree of flexibility required
      • Knowledgeable of counseling procedures, student appraisal, and facilitating student growth
      • Knowledgeable of social and emotional learning competencies, restorative practices, and positive behavior interventions
      • Ability to interact and communicate effectively with students, staff, and parents
      • Demonstrated ability to coach school staff and provide support with implementing SEL-based approaches (at the student, classroom, and school-wide levels)
      • Demonstrated ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions
      • Bilingual in English and Spanish preferred

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  • About the company

      The Dallas Independent School District is a school district based in Dallas, Texas.