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      At Autodesk, we are obsessed with building tools for people who imagine, design, and make a better world for the 10 billion people living on our planet. Our clients make the tallest buildings in the world, innovate on new green, affordable housing for low income communities, put rockets into space, invent solutions for bringing fresh water to famine affected countries, 3d print cheap prosthetic limbs for the needy in 3rd world countries, design and make the products in your home and in your pocket, and bring stories and experiences to life that leap off the screen and inspire the world.

      Helping those teams do what they do better, faster and with less negative impact on the world is the mission that pulls us all out of bed every morning.

      Our focus on the AutoCAD product development team is to continue the success of the world’s leading CAD family of applications and deliver value to a new generation of customers, on whatever platforms they choose. Our efforts to bring AutoCAD to new platforms has been publicly recognized by some of the biggest tech companies in the world (e.g. Apple, Google, Microsoft) in their various keynote events and helps set the industry standard for how cross platform development is done.

      The person we are seeking for is a passionate and experienced software engineer who can work with us to combine the cutting-edge techniques and bring the AutoCAD user experience to next level on macOS. We expect the candidate to have deep knowledge of Mac platform, be mindful of the impact to AutoCAD Mac customers when developing the product and can work with cross functional and platform teams to deliver high quality product on schedule.


      • Break down a large problem into smaller components and provide a clear solution for each piece.

      • Minimize the amount of work for sufficient solution to be implemented.

      • Develop industry specific documents and diagrams to outline architecture and relationships between subsystems and participates in review of those designs.

      • Research and analyze existing legacy architecture and software code to understand the code at both the low-level and higher architectural level for making enhancements or resolving defects and performance issues.

      • Investigate and, if necessary, prototype technologies and algorithms relating to the task.

      • Compare and evaluate the implementation, if done by downstream developers, against the design, including code reviews.

      • Being tech lead and collaborate with cross-functional team to imagine, design and create new functionalities.

      • Continually refine understanding with other engineers about high- and low-level technical details, product goals, and user needs.

      • Contribute to cost-benefit analysis by providing estimates for the features and determine feasibility of each feature.

      • Mentor and provide direction to less experienced software engineers regarding company development processes and product architecture, at senior levels.

      • Develop depth in at least one technical area, but breadth in numerous areas to be a greater asset to the team

      • Research external best practices and emerging technologies for possible incorporation into company products and methodologies.

      Minimum Qualifications

      • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or related field. Master’s degree is desirable.

      • 8 to 10 years working experience in software development. Successfully completed two or more commercial software development cycles

      • Sophisticated programming skills with C++, Swift/Objective-C on macOS/iOS platform, familiar with XCode and Cocoa frameworks.

      • Strong background in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA/OOD), demonstrating extensive experience and proficiency in these areas

      • Comprehensive technical knowledge in software development methodologies, design and implementation

      • Have a keen eye for detail and strive to write high-quality code

      • Flexibility under changing conditions and ability to multi-task between projects

      • Good analytical and design skills at product level

      • Good communications and interpersonal skills

      • Motivated, self-managed, creative team player, being able to support manager to build a strong team for delivery.

      • Knowledge of Web, iOS or Android technology is a plus

      • Graphic background and Metal knowledge is a plus

      • Being familiar with ObjectARX/LISP is a plus



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      Welcome to Autodesk! Amazing things are created every day with our software – from the greenest buildings and cleanest cars to the smartest factories and biggest hit movies. We help innovators turn their ideas into reality, transforming not only how things are made, but what can be made.

      We take great pride in our culture here at Autodesk – our Culture Code is at the core of everything we do. Our values and ways of working help our people thrive and realize their potential, which leads to even better outcomes for our customers.

      When you’re an Autodesker, you can be your whole, authentic self and do meaningful work that helps build a better future for all. Ready to shape the world and your future? Join us!

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      Autodesk, Inc. is an American multinational software corporation that makes software services for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, education, and entertainment industries.