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  • Job Description

      Req#: 24-03779
      Role: SAP FICA

      Job Description:
      • Should understand different business process in of Telecom industry.
      • Should possess SAP FICA knowledge for functional documents, and test cases etc.
      • Should have knowledge of the Quote to Cash process as it relates to Subscription business.
      • Should have experience in FICA Dunning procedure/Collection Strategy, payment (cash desk/external cash desk) integration with payment channels, write off, return processing, security deposit, installment plan, and promise to pay.
      • Should have through knowledge of Payment reconciliation with 3rd party and Bank.
      • Experience in configuring FICA Events and BRF+ (functional).
      • Strong knowledge of clearing strategy, clearing rules.
      • Should have knowledge of SAP Configuration for setting up credit worthiness, Payment collection agency.
      • Managing Send items to Collection Agency and auto reversal of bill, manual posting (custom), refund management of any mode of payment.
      • Ability to develop custom solution using as much of standards way.
      • Should have good knowledge of FICA tables for Reports around Payment generation and reconciliation.
      • Adequate knowledge of month-end and period-end closing and FICA to FICO GL integration.
      • Knowledge of integration between Convergent invoicing / SAP Industry invoicing functionality with FICA.
      • Knowledge of Controlling / CO-PA Integration with FICA.
      • Knowledge of FICA to FI-AR integration.
      • Awareness of FICA to FI-AP Integration.

      Diverse Lynx LLC is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive due consideration for employment without any discrimination. All applicants will be evaluated solely on the basis of their ability, competence and their proven capability to perform the functions outlined in the corresponding role. We promote and support a diverse workforce across all levels in the company.

  • About the company

      We provide Consulting Services for our customer’s project and staffing needs. We also provide Data Management for Clinical Trials.