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      Axient is seeking a part-time casual Senior Graphics Artist to support the US Space Force (USSF) and the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Operational Energy-Innovation (OE-I) office in a variety of operational energy projects.

      Projects include, USSF Space Operational Energy (SOE) strategy and concept development, both for in-Space OE force structure and CONOPS, and the integration of Space enabling capabilities into all-domain operations and strategies. This effort also includes supporting HQ USSF, Space Systems Command S3 (SSC/S3) on Assured Access to Space (AATS) and AFRL/RV in spacecraft development and Space OE projects. AFRL/RV projects include, but are not limited to, component design, optimization and analyses, analytical and experimental testing, and integration of technologies and/or components into system-level spaceflight (or near spaceflight) experiments. AFRL/RV work includes system-level functional and experimental testing, launch vehicle integration, mission operations support, data processing, and analysis.

      What you will do...

      Work includes a variety of Space and all/multi-domain projects, as well as direct support to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Operational Energy Innovation (OE-I) office. Projects include graphics support fo Space and All Domain Operational Energy and Space Solar Power briefings, technical reports, technical drawings, and graphic depictions. Additionally, tasks include graphic support to Space domain and OE related conferences, forums, workshops, and convention posters with various form of graphic design support.

      The work position includes taking complicated, highly technical concepts and creating visualization depictions that communicate these complicated concepts in clear visually descriptive renderings, resulting in easy to understand presentations. To meet USSF and OSD needs, graphic representations and presentations are required to be detailed, accurate, and illustrative of complicated Space and Energy subjects. Timing of project work will range from long term strategic and operational representations, to rapid renderings to meet immediate needs of HQ USSF and OSD , in very short timeframes of minutes to hours

      Position includes graphicly representing the multi-domain OE and warfighter domain in support of warfighting Model and Simulation (M&S)

      The senior graphic artist must be able to support both longer term planned presentations and very short suspense representations of operational energy and warfigthitng concepts.

      Work will also include periodically supporting various company business development and business capture work, such as joining proposal teams to prepare draft proposals for submission.

      Supporting Duties and Tasks include:

      The candidate work supports DOD/Service operational energy assigned portfolios/projects, to enhance effectiveness and efficiencies within and across the domains of Space, Air, Land, Sea, Cyber

      - Support ranges from work on individual operational energy innovation projects to direct OSD specific and multi-domain research portfolio support

      - Candidate will apply graphic design to research, technology, engineering, and writing skills in support of this mission. The candidate will provide recommendations regarding graphic design of Operational Energy and warfighter and visualization of research findings, technical and operational performance, risk, and suitability. Specific efforts include but are not limited to:

      • Support a fast-paced and team-oriented office work environment.
      • Prepare high-quality analysis and communication products (in Excel, Word, and Power Point).
      • Support presentations, conferences, and strategic communications.
      • Complete graphics, drawings, and illustrations for technical reports and web-based applications.
      • Build depictions of concepts and systems for government forums, workshops, wargames, senior military actions groups, and conference displays.
      • Digitize non-digital illustrations.
      • Advise on the utility of specific types of graphics for reporting.
      • Understand complex subject matter to enable visual communication and to support senior USSF military decision makers and forums.
      • Act as the SME for graphic issues.
      • Support communication of space energy, power, and propulsion issues.
      • Periodically, the senior graphic designer will be called upon to provide graphic support to various government offices, including but not limited to, OSD OE-I, HQ USSF, AFRL/RV, SSC/S-3, and NREL, and various USSF Operational Energy Capability Improvement Fund (OECIF) and Operational Energy Prototype Fund (OEPF) projects.
      • Prepare graphic content for reports, briefings, and strategy documents through collaboration with subject matter experts and editors.
      • Help prepare graphics for documents responding to program inquiries up to the congressional level regarding the USSF and/or DOD’s space and/or energy research activities.
      • Develop graphics for use in proposals under direction and guidance of Axient personnel. The number of graphics could range from as few as two (2) to three (3) and as many as 15 to 20 within very short periods.
      • Assimilate complex energy issues and graphically summarize them to technical and non-technical audiences.
      • Understand and graphically communicate the space nuclear technical gaps and military benefits associated with a broad range of energy topics and specific RDT&E efforts.
      • Identify and illustrate high-yield energy technology opportunities that strengthen the USSF mission.
      • Provide technical graphic products to Axient staff, HQ USSF Pentagon CTIO staff, SSC/S3, AFRL/RV assessment/initiatives, and other organizations as tasked. Analysis and presentations include, but are not limited to, advanced energy in all defense domains. The senior graphics designer may be required to travel in support of, but not limited to, meetings, presentations and conferences.
      • The senior graphics designer will be called upon for other graphics related tasks as assigned, such as, but not limited to, supporting Axient Proposal processes.

      Skills you will need...


      Minimum of 10 years’ experience

      Education: Bachelor’s Degree

      Clearance: Must be eligible to obtain a Top Secret Clearance

      Advanced Experience with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)

      Advanced Experience with Microsoft 365 Programs (PowerPoint, Word, Excel)

      Location: Remote

      Must meet applicable COVID safety requirements and protocols

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