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  • Job Description

      Req#: e41806cf-bdc6-47bd-b8bb-96233ffed1a5

      This listing is only for individuals who are looking to work 1 - 2 days on the weekend and 3 - 4 days during the weekdays, for a total of 5 days per week.

      The role of this Content Creator (Writer) position is to curate, write, edit, and publish original interactive content and stories, using Koreaboo's writing platform. This position requires someone who is extremely talented at writing and creating content that's concise, entertaining and easy to read.

      Content Writers are tasked with the entire process of creating articles, including brainstorming ideas, to writing the article/content, editing the article/content, and publishing it across multiple platforms. This position requires excellent storytelling, a firm grasp on writing for a wide audience, and disciplined research/curating skills.



      • Brainstorm ideas for content that is interesting to our readers
      • Turn these ideas into shareable content by writing articles which are compelling and engaging
      • Edit articles to ensure accuracy and appropriate usage of words
      • Keep up with current and viral trends within the K-Pop industry and individual fan communities
      • Publish articles/content across various social media channels, optimizing for social reach and engagement with K-Pop fans
      • Assess results of published content (such as engagement rate, feedback from readers) to determine the improvements that can be made for future content
      • Work with other members across Koreaboo teams to discover and implement new methods of increasing user reach and user engagement
      • Perform other duties that include the above services but are not limited to these activities

      Job Requirements
      • Fluent in both written and spoken English
      • A good understanding of Korean is a plus
      • Prior writing experience is required - the ability to write engaging articles clearly and accurately is a must
      • Ability to follow outlined processes and procedures as well as provide feedback to senior team members on ideas for improvements
      • Able to commit a minimum of 40+ hours/weekly and excel at working remotely with minimum supervision
      • Deep knowledge of K-Pop, the Korean entertainment industry, and individual K-Pop fandoms is a must
      • Experience in a digital media company and/or writing celebrity entertainment content is a plus
      • Fluency in additional languages (Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese) is a plus
      • Degree in English or Journalism is a plus


      Cover Letter Review Process

      Please use perfect spelling and grammar when writing answers for the Cover Letter portion of this application. You should attempt to answer the questions in a writing style that feels natural to read.

      You do not need to upload or fill in a second 'Cover Letter' in the optional form.

  • About the company

      Breaking k-pop news, korean viral videos and exclusive content from the biggest k-pop idols. Creators of KCON and biggest k-pop site in the world.