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Get more candidates from free and paid sources into your ATS, and keep candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process. 

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Why Talentify?

You might be wasting over 50% of your job advertising budget and missing out on thousands of free candidates because your ATS is not a marketing or advertising platform that has powerful algorithms optimizing your jobs for just one goal. Convert more career site visitors into candidates!

And Many More

Talentify can help you automatically sync your jobs with Google for Jobs and provide a faster mobile-first application experience that is guaranteed to convert more candidates. 

70% of job searches start on Google

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Built on Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages 

 Give your candidates the best Facebook experience with Easy Apply

Access millions of new candidates!

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Jobs on Facebook

Talentify is an official Jobs on Facebook Partner

  • Sync your current ATS to Facebook
  • Ask qualifying questions inside the Facebook app.
  • Send automatic candidate engagement sequences.


Our second to none Programmatic job advertising algorithms can deliver candidates to you from 3000+ channels! 

Quality and Engagement

We do all the heavy lifting for you! Talentify automatically pre-qualifies and engages your candidates 24/7.

Your ATS

All candidates are directed to your ATS to the exact job requisition they need to apply

Spend smarter with Programmatic Job Advertising

Let powerful algorithms and better job distribution generate 5X more candidates for your jobs with the same budget you spend today by monitoring and making decisions in real time on which channels are performing the best for you.

Know your numbers to better understand which Organic and Sponsored channels are performing best for your jobs, as well as get real-time, powerful insights as to:

  • Accurate numbers of qualified and engaged candidates at any given time.
  • Jobs that may need an advertising boost.
  • Jobs that are performing exceptionally well.
  • Jobs which are about to expire and require your attention.

Powerful Analytics and Real-Time Actionable Insights

Mobile-First Landing Pages

Give your candidates an amazing candidate experience that consistently improves your candidates’ conversion rates.

5x More Candidates

Talentify's clients experience an average of 5x more candidates immediately after implementation.

Keep the Best Engaged

Talentify’s automatic pre-qualification process engages your top candidates with text and email sequences, ensuring your company finds and attracts the best talent in your industry.

Why You Should Be Using Talentify

Works with your ATS

               Cumberland Farms

Security Industry

Using our Recruitment Marketing platform and Facebook, Cumberland Farms has not only found more, but better candidates, a 60% per month increase, and

By leveraging the Talentify Organic Job Advertising platform a large security company was able to generate.

Additional candidates in the first 30 days using Talentify!


2x as many completed applications in their ATS

This has made Facebook their #1 sourcing channel and significantly reduced their recruiting costs.

Download the Case Study published by Facebook and see for yourself.


“We’ve tested everything out there. Talentify was the only sourcing platform that worked in some difficult markets! It was the first I’ve seen this happen.”

Carlos V.

Director, Talent Acquisition Technology

Talentify has helped us identify 500,000 candidates and hire over 30,000 people in one year! ”

Adam. G.

SVP, Global Technology

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Put your Recruitment Marketing on Autopilot

Get more candidates from free and paid sources in your ATS, and keep candidates engaged throughout the process.

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