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      Req#: 2304734
      Junior financial analyst typically assists senior analysts and managers in analyzing financial data, preparing reports, and making recommendations for investment opportunities or financial strategies. Responsibilities may include financial modeling, researching economic trends, gathering data, and assisting with budgeting and forecasting. Additionally, they may help with presentations to stakeholders and collaborate with other departments to gather necessary information. Strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and proficiency in financial software and Excel are usually required

      As an Analyst you will be growing your analytical skills, maintain high motivation, desiring autonomy and empowerment to manage self through engagement delivery.

      • High aptitude for learning while taking direction
      • Organization and comfort balancing multiple tasks and responsibilities.
      • Ability to exercise professional judgment on engagements by providing proactive solutions and recommendations.
      • Collaborate to deliver components of client engagements following peer review.
      • Professionals will focus on client specific tasks that are at the core of the engagement by delivering products day to day.


      • Bachelor's degree or equivalent in a relevant field or experience with professional certifications.
      • Two or more years of progressive experience with degree. Degree can be substituted with experience.
      • Travel as required.
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