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Sales Manager UK, Instore Retail Media - United Kingdom

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      Req#: J0ZJ79157971
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      Remote - Various, OH

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      Fully Remote

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      More about our company and the position:

      PRN, a Stratacache company, is the leading digital media company specializing in digital solutions that activate shoppers along the path-to-purchase right up to the point-of-sale. With the LIFT interactive point of purchase network at convenience stores, in-aisle interactive touchscreens and smart video signage, PRN's solutions can be found in over 18,000 retail locations. Providing turn-key solutions to retailers, PRN's services include brand advertising and network monetization, content strategy and consumer experience, product design and integration and technical support. With headquarters in San Francisco, PRN has over 25 years of experience in retail technology and shopper activation. To learn more, visit, follow them on Twitter @PRNllc, or like them on Facebook.

      Sales Manager UK, Instore Retail Media - based in the United Kingdom

      Your Mission

      You will lay the foundations for PRN's commercial success in the UK. You will build a UK sales team and you and your team will inspire and surprise retailers, brands and consumers with innovative and successful digital in-store advertising solutions.

      Improve the customer experience:

      PRN provides innovative digital capabilities for retailers aiming to offer their customers a better in-store experience. In addition, they help brands to present their products better at retailers, resulting in more sales. Turn physical stores into digital media platforms. That is what PRN offers its clients.


      US-based PRN is the specialist in digital in-store advertising solutions for food and non-food retail chains. PRN helps retailers to offer their customers a great experience in their stores with interactive displays, innovative advertising strategies and other features. This also provides advantages for brands. They can present and promote their products in-store in an innovative way. PRN provides retail media solutions from A to Z. From jointly developing the advertising strategy to supplying retailers with hardware, software, support and service. A win-win-win situation for retailers, brands and end consumers.


      PRN has been successful for over 30 years. Along with 18 other companies, it is part of the STRATACACHE group. The strong synergy between these companies makes them true partners that support and reinforce each other. PRN has offices in 28 countries worldwide. It is headquartered in San Jose, USA. PRN works with the world's largest retailers, helping them to enhance the customer experience and improve sales conversions. PRN generates revenue for retailers and gives brands real-time access to consumers on the shop floor.

      PRN in the UK

      While STRATACACHE has a strong UK and European presence, PRN is not very active in the UK as yet, but that is about to change. The UK and Europe are key growth regions for PRN, and the company is focused on European and UK success. Step one is to find an entrepreneurial Sales Manager in the UK who will build a strong UK sales team and great commercial performance.

      PRN has a lot to offer:

      • Leader in digital in-store advertising solutions
      • Financially solid organisation
      • Part of the rock-solid STRATACACHE group
      • An international role with a great deal of freedom and room for personal initiative
      • The opportunity to grow with the company
      • Combining strategy and operations in a single role
      • Very good terms of employment

      Sales, entrepreneurship, and strategy development

      PRN has a small base in Europe and the growth potential is huge. As Sales Manager, you will play a crucial role in PRN's success. On the basis of your knowledge and experience in modern retail marketing and communications, you will define the route to market for PRN in the UK. You will develop a strategic sales plan that you will then implement yourself. You will proactively open doors at potential clients (top retailers and brands) and find out all about their business and needs. You will then advise them on PRN solutions.

      Independent role

      You will start from your home office, plan your own agenda and define your own approach. You will analyse the different markets, build strategic partnerships and drive growth in customers, revenue and profit. A very independent position, but you will naturally have the support of the PRN team in the USA. You will also work closely with your UK and European colleagues from Scala, our sister company. This is business development in the purest sense of the word. You will report directly to the SVP Brand Advertising and Retail Partnerships in the USA.

      Building an international sales team

      As well as business development, you will also be responsible for building a UK team. From a strategic point of view, PRN has decided to open its UK sales office in the greater London area. You will eventually build a small team here, including back office, account management and marketing colleagues. You will also engage sales colleagues in the various countries. As Sales Manager, you will provide inspiring leadership for the team.

      Who we are looking for:

      • An entrepreneurial, professional, pro-active individual
      • Strong personality, capable of working operationally and strategically
      • Keen perception and experience in retail
      • Understands the needs of retailers and brands and perceives solutions
      • Strong affinity with (digital) retail advertising solutions, marketing, merchandising and media
      • Result-oriented, pragmatic, strong communicator
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