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Sales Appointment Setter

Pay70k - 115k / year
Employment typeFull-Time

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  • Job Description

      Req#: 408194

      Hey there. Are you an experienced appointment setter, or sales development representative?

      Have you hit a bottleneck in your career, where you feel like your income has hit a glass ceiling, your growth has plateaued, or your passion for work has been fading by the day? Are you just setting another appointment? Or are you actually helping to transform lives? Do you feel a deeper purpose and impact behind your contribution at all?

      Our mission at TruPro is to help busy professionals and small business owners achieve financial and lifestyle freedom by equipping them with multiple streams of passive income.

      We work with:

      • Small business owners who want to move on to investing in real estate full-time
      • Teachers who want to pursue their true passion of opening a yoga studio
      • Corporate white collars who are to travel more and dedicate more time to their family
      • Software developers who want to finally start building their own app, instead of reviewing code for some Silicon Valley unicorn
      • Consultants who want to start their own businesses instead of sitting in meetings all day
      • Managers and executives of businesses who saw opportunities to serve the market at a higher level than their companies ignored
      • Medical practice owners who want to expand their practices to multiple locations
      • Construction team leaders who want to spend more time at their kid's sports games, etc.

      The list goes on, but you get the idea: we serve people who have dreams. We firmly believe that humans are meant to work on things they're passionate about. Since most people don't have the privilege of doing so due to the need to earn a salary to sustain their lifestyle, having one or more streams of passive income becomes the first step towards that freedom. We are in a privileged position to provide that to our clients.

      And now we invite you to join us; specifically - to join this empowered position to transform people's lives.

      People will do anything to stay in their comfort zone. But better things in life lie outside of our comfort zone. It's true - your own experience is a testament to that. To that cause, we're looking for purpose-driven, experienced, and passionate appointment setters to empower dreamers - to help them: Clarify their future goals and current challenges and help them see potential paths to achieving those goals quickly, etc.

      If you are skilled, hungry, driven, disciplined, and looking for an opportunity to reach your highest potential as a sales professional, with the possibility of being promoted to a sales leadership role in the near future, then we want to talk to you!

      Some of the support you'll also have with us:

      • A full-stack organic marketing, paid advertising, and creative team. You do Not need to do cold outreach.
      • Access to weekly world-class sales training and coaching from industry leaders such as Jeremy Miner's 7th Level, and more, including requests.


      Job Details:

      This is a Full-Time Senior position, not part-time, nor for beginners.
      • You do have the freedom to set up your own schedule hours to best fit your lifestyle. No day requirements
      • Call and connect with leads to help clients make the best decisions to meet their goals, and set appointments with respective senior advisors
      • Attend weekly group or 1:1 coaching calls to ensure growth potential
      • Will be responsible for maintaining KPIs and keeping organized to meet weekly personal and company goals


      Required Qualifications:
      • You've been an experienced and top-performing appointment setter or sales development representative consecutively for at least the past 2 years, specifically in the "high-ticket" space
      • You have proven track records and verifiable references to provide
      • You are diligent at outreaches and consistent with long-term nurture and follow-ups. You treasure every lead and sales opportunity
      • You are driven, hungry, detailed, organized, and proactive
      • Despite your proven results, you understand there are always higher peaks to conquer, so you're humble, open-minded, and seek and take feedback well
      • You have consistently invested in your professional development
      • You take extreme ownership of your results and success and understand that No One is responsible for your results but yourself
      • You embrace competitive greatness and know being good is the enemy of being great
      • You are a team player
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